Beautiful and practical bone china plates are worth collecting!

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In the cold winter, food always cools very fast. Lost the fragrant heat, the cold oil solidified on the plate, and the delicacy has been lost.
Chinese people live on the tip of their tongue and are very good at excavating the delicious food given by nature. The reason why delicious food is so delicious on the table is indispensable in all aspects. The temperature of the food, the material and appearance of the container are the key.
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Each kind of food has its own temperature with the best taste. Mankind has even invented a special food thermometer to ensure that the most delicious food is cooked. How to make the food from the pot to the mouth without cooling too fast is something that needs to be considered in the production of tableware.
China is the capital of porcelain. Bone China comes from China and was born in Britain. Since ancient times, it has become an aristocrat in porcelain because of its warm and transparent texture and difficult manufacturing technology. Its thermal insulation performance is the best, so it is not smart to choose Bone China as the base.
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In addition to its good thermal insulation performance, Bone China has great characteristics in color and texture
Bone china is called bone china because it is made of animal bone powder. When the porcelain with animal bone meal is fired in the kiln, it will produce calcium oxide, so that its color is not as blue as ordinary porcelain, but can show the milky white of milk. No matter what color the food is, it can be said that its color is more bright. Compared with ordinary porcelain, it can highlight the beauty of food and increase appetite.

In addition, the texture of Bone China will be stronger than ordinary porcelain, but the weight is lighter. Therefore, as long as our kitchen is equipped with a set of such tableware, it can be used for a long time. For mothers, lightweight tableware will not become a burden of cooking.

The most important thing is that with the increase of service life, most porcelain will always have some trace metals seeping out, which will damage your health in the long run. Bone China does not contain lead and cadmium, and it will not have much problem in long-term use.

Post time: Jun-02-2022


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