These tableware can’t be put into the dishwasher. Are you using it right?

“What? There’s tableware that can’t be put in the dishwasher?”

If your first reaction is this, it’s normal. In the process of using the dishwasher, we may pay little attention to whether the material of the tableware put into the dishwasher is suitable, and we don’t know what kind of detergent to choose, how much to put in each time, and sometimes the washed tableware will fade and deform.

Whether your home is equipped with a sink type or an embedded dishwasher, if you don’t understand the correct use of the dishwasher, it will not only greatly reduce the cleaning effect, but even affect the normal operation of the machine.
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Which cleaners can’t be put into the dishwasher?

Soda powder / edible soda: not recommended. The stainless steel panel will turn yellow after a long time;

Foam detergent such as detergent: do not put it in. Too much foam will affect the normal operation of the dishwasher;

Disinfectant: if it is only appropriate, it is OK to wipe the stainless steel surface. It cannot be used with strong alkali and strong acid.

1.Tableware made of special materials
Dishwashers can be used to clean tableware made of general ceramics, glass, plastic and other materials, but some tableware made of special materials are not suitable to be directly put into dishwashers because they are not resistant to high temperature and detergent.

2.Unprocessed tableware
Pretreatment refers to pouring out the leftovers and large residues from the tableware before being put into the sink and dishwasher. Some small partners may be lazy and skip this step automatically, but if this point is ignored, it will not only cause anti pollution to the machine and other tableware, affect the cleaning effect, but also easily cause the blockage of drainage pipes.
For a few stubborn stains, it may be necessary to soak the tableware in advance. In addition to dissolving 20g of protein before washing the bowl, it can also enhance the physical disinfection effect of adding salt to the fish tail (after washing the bowl, it can also increase the salt after washing the bowl); It’s difficult to clean rice grains. Soak them in advance. Choose the enhanced mode when cleaning and so on.
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In order to achieve the best cleaning effect, in addition to pretreatment, the correct placement of tableware is also very important for the cleaning effect. The following suggestions are given to you (sink & embedded are common):
① Do not place the tableware with the bowl mouth upward, which will affect the normal operation of the whole machine;
② The tableware with particularly serious dirt is recommended to be placed on the lower bowl rack, which can effectively improve the cleaning effect;
③ Avoid stacking tableware together, so as not to affect the cleaning effect; When there are few tableware, placing tableware at intervals helps to clean better;
④ After the tableware is placed, please ensure that the spoon, chopsticks and other tableware will not affect the rotation of the spray arm;
⑤ When placing tableware, please pay attention to the placement direction of various tableware to achieve better cleaning effect.

Post time: Jun-02-2022


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